The "Disproportionate Response"


In today's Daily Mail, Melanie Phillips writes an incisive, impassioned article on the war in Gaza and clears away some of the rotten thinking vis-à-vis Israel that is currently so trendy in the West.

The often-made comparison with IRA terrorism spectacularly misses the point. Hamas actually run Gaza. The equivalent would have been the Irish government firing 6,000 rockets at England.

Does anyone seriously doubt that, in such a hypothetical situation, Britain would have been at war with Ireland long before that total had been reached?
And she cuts down the oft-wailed "disproportionate response" argument:
The main complaint is that Israel’s response is ‘disproportionate’, since some 500 Palestinians have been killed compared with ‘only’ four Israelis since the war started nine days ago.

This is absurd. In World War II, 20 times more civilians were killed in Germany than in Britain. Did that make the war against the Nazis ‘disproportionate’? Of course not.
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"Yes, the war in Gaza is terrible. But the alternative was worse - for all of us"

What Really Happened in the Middle East


What with all the misinformation coming out of the mainstream media regarding the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, this short flash video produced by the David Horowitz Freedom Center is a useful history lesson (or refresher).

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"What Really Happened in the Middle East"