Blessed are the Meek


Anton Bosch Ministries recently posted a series of excellent pieces on the Beatitudes.

From "Blessed are the Meek":

One of the ways we learn meekness is by taking His yoke upon us and by walking with Him. In so doing we learn meekness from Him. But when we go at things on our own and constantly have to fight circumstances and situations, we become more aggravated and less meek, rather than meeker...

So the question is: Are you more like Jonah, or more like Paul? Have you learnt surrender to the will of God, or does God have to arm-wrestle you every time He wants you to do something? The sad reality is that it is not the Lord who suffers because of our stubbornness – it is us who continue to feel the pain of the goads and the frustration of fighting the very things that should be drawing us to the center of His will.

The meek man has stopped fighting and has discovered the joy and peace of surrender to God’s perfect will.